The Dalmatin

Tried to draw a dog. I had some problems with the shading since the dalmatin is mostly white and black 🙂 5 minute background since I didn’t really bother to draw it too. Have to practice drawing those later on. Photoreference used. Drawn in Photoshop CC. Time taken: 4ish hours

The horse

Tried to draw a horse this time with only a grey-scale shading. Photoreference used. Program: Photoshop CC Time taken: ~5 hours

Maypole Flowers

YEEEEEEEESS! That took roughly 15 hours, but I’m finally done! 😀 I experimented a bit with colour and shading on this one. The dragon’s colour and shading was all made in one layer. I haven’t done it like that before so it was quite a challenge, but imo it didn’t turn out that bad. Done …

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Dragon Cave

Well that took way longer than I thought it would take lol. I also forgot to clean the lineart so it’s a bit messy. But this is more meant as a shading/anatomy practice piece instead of a ”complete and refurbished drawing” ;3 I’m getting better at shading though! Time taken: Idk maybe 10 hours Made …

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Daily draw #3 – Horn owl sketch – 2017-10-22

Day 3. 30 min sketch of a horn owl. Tried some colouring, not sure how to improve. Comments appreciated! 🙂 Photoref used. Creds to Lars Altberg for the awesome photo.…

Daily draw #2 – Lynx sketch – 2017-10-21

Day #2 A lynx moving in the snow. Photoref used. Time taken: ~30 minutes Ref used: https://speakzeasy.files.wordpress……lli-rolfes.jpg