Andreas Teodorsson Art

Freelance illustrator & graphical artist

Drawing of a deer standing on its hind legs playing with a large butterfly

The deer and the butterfly


”Rådjuret och fjärilen”

The encounter between a roe deer and a butterfly.

I had so much trouble with the colours, but after a five days of practice and some tutorials I ended up with this. I think I re-drew the entire piece two or three times until I finally settled with this version, which took way too many hours. Kinda pleased though 🙂

The idea from the start was to draw just the character, and add some rowan trees/leaves around it to make it look like a postcard, but I forgot about that and made it a bit more complicated instead.

As a final touch I drew over almost all sketch lines, which in my opinion made the piece much better.

Alternative autumn version: (click for high res). I kinda like this one too, but it’s a bit too red, and I couldn’t get the colours of the deer good, so I scrapped the entire thing and went for a normal tree/forest instead. Might finish this version in the future.

Drawing of a deer in autumn playing with a pile of leaves



Initial sketch. (I kept the same sketch during all versions, minus the butterfly)

Some quick background added

More background work. I (finally) settled with a green/blue/red colour scheme

More details, and coloured characters. Enlarged the tree(s) too

And then the detail progress begins

Character shading!

Final touches, and done!

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